Commercial Dishwasher Service and Protection

If you have an older 3 Phase dishwasher it is most likely that your wash motor is not protected very well… What I mean is that there are a couple smaller parts which control the motor and they easily can become faulty. When they go faulty you may not even notice, but the motor will. And the damage begins. You will keep on using the dishwasher without major faults thinking that everything is ok, but the motor inside will be getting hotter and hotter and eventually it will give its last breath.

Well, then nothing else can be done except to get a new motor in kenmore dishwasher repair los angeles. And this can cost easily up to a 1/3 of your dishwasher value.

But if you smart enough, you can avoid all that by simply getting a technician to check it out and see if the motor has got one of these: Control relay RSTB

What does this relay do? Electronic timer is designed to monitor 3-phase supplies and to protect motors and other loads against the faults listed below.

o Monitoring of rotational direction of phases
o Detection of complete failure of one or more of the phases
o Undervoltage detection (-10%)
o Overvoltage detection (+10%)
o Detection of phase asymmetry (imbalance) (±10%)

The relay operates if any of the conditions occurs. The relay releases if any of the conditions fails. There is a Time Delay between the relay action and the condition occurs (except rotational direction of phases error ) to avoid very short interruptions or other momentary failures.

A selector switch allows selection of an adjustable time delay from 0.1s to 10s. When the supply returns towards its rated value, the relay is re-energized according to the hysteresis value (5%).

So just by having one of these, which cost only a fraction of a new motor price, you can avoid a big breakdown, big bill and huge losses for your business.

ACT NOW! Every day you hold over may be crucial to your machine, get it checked, get one installed and have a peace of mind.

6 Refrigerator Repair Tips That Can Help You

If you are on this page, chances are that your refrigerator is not working properly. In this article, we are going to share with you a few tips that will help you with your DIY refrigerator repair projects. With these tips in your mind, it will be a lot easier for you to perform the repair jobs without the help of a professional. Read on to find out more.

Freezer not Working at all

If your refrigerator does not work at all, your first step is to check if it is properly plugged in. You can also try plugging it in another outlet to see if it turns on. Apart from this, you can also check the circuit breaker and the fuse to make sure they are fine lg refrigerator repair los angeles.

Runs Constantly

If the machine continues to run without tripping, you may want to check to find out if the condenser coils are free of dust accumulation. Besides, there should be plenty of space behind the machine for air circulation. The door of the machine should also be closed properly. If there are no problems of this sort, you may want to get in touch with the professional.

Temperature either too Cold or Hot

Generally, the temperature inside a refrigerator is between 36 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the refrigerator section is too cold or too hot, the machine will continue to work hard. The compressor and freezer fan should be working properly. If one of these fans is operational, your machine will not be able to keep the stuff cool.

Door Seal Problem

If the door of the machine does not close properly, the problem may be with the gasket or door hinge. If you need to replace these items, you can buy them at a local hardware store or at an online store. But if these two items are not defective, keep the refrigerator door closed and contact a repair professional.

The Light doesn’t Turn off

If the light of your refrigerator remains switched on even after the door is shut, you may want to check the light to find if it is warm. If the light does not switch off, the problem may be with the switch of the refrigerator door. The good news is that you can purchase this switch online or at a local hardware store.


If you see water under your refrigerator or around it, chances are that the water is not draining into the pan. In this case, the problem may be with the seal of the freezer door. You need to get it fixed to solve the problem.

Long story short, these are just some of the tips that will help you identify problems with your refrigerator and get them fixed on your own. But if you are unable to detect a problem and fix it yourself, we suggest that you hire the services of an appliance repair professional.

About Fridge Freezers

Storage and preservation of cooked food and food stuff for extended periods are vital necessities of the modern society. When the lifestyles underwent changes and families found that it is difficult to shop-hop daily, it became imperative to make it a weekly or monthly exercise. Naturally retaining the freshness of food for many days becomes necessary. Emergence of such a situation forced people to acquire not only a refrigerator but also a freezer attached to it. Conventional refrigerators will have small freezer compartments but to preserve large quantities of food stuff and beverages, freezers with spacious interiors are required. The answer to this problem is a home appliance called fridge freezer with both facilities.

American style fridge freezer is the right product that suits modern families samsung refrigerator repair los angeles. Both refrigerator and deep freezer integrated into a single composite entity is not only convenient but economical to maintain also. To make the system viable in the context of energy shortage experienced in many countries, it is designed to work with minimum energy consumption. They now come with energy labels indicating the level of energy consumption. These freezers are provided with fast freeze option. There are two types of fridge freezers widely used namely chest type and upright type. Those who want to stock large quantities of items for longer periods, can prefer chest type models. It is the upright model that is generally chosen for domestic purposes.

As there are possibilities of frequent opening and closing the doors, domestic types will consume more energy. Again, there are two patterns of arrangements in this freezers. In some models both fridge and freezer compartments are placed one upon another (Freezer on the top) and in the second model both facilities are paced side by side. Even though it is a composite system, both compartments are equipped with different compressors and thermostats as their temperature levels are to be maintained at different levels. The refrigerator requires temperature level above freezing point and freezer obviously requires below freezing point. The system is designed in such a way to prevent the circulating air from each of the above compartments mix together. Any accidental leakage will result in excess consumption of energy due to the additional burden imposed on the compressor to maintain the required level of temperature in the freezer. Ultimately it will cause irreparable damage to the system even though such an eventuality is very remote.

Users will have to keep a close watch on the working of the system. Frequent opening of the doors should be avoided. It should be installed in a well ventilated room allowing the system to breathe fresh air and to exhaust hot air. Equally important is that the fridge or freezer should not be over stocked to make the interiors cramped. There should be enough space in between different items kept inside, for cold air to circulate around. It is also advisable not to leave too much unutilized space. Choosing the right size of the facility is a pre-condition for shoppers to ensure durability of the product.

This freezer will have long life span if it is maintained properly. There is a misconception among many consumers that this appliance needs absolutely no maintenance. It is featured with auto defrost and adjustable thermostat to make the system work without human monitoring. However it is to be understood that no appliance or equipment is free from unexpected breakdowns despite the adoption of innovative technologies. Consumers can never free themselves from the responsibilities of watching the performances of expensive devices.

Simple Dishwasher Repair Tips for Homeowners

If you are considering calling a dishwasher repair service, there are a few simple checks you can do to take care of many common issues yourself. Following are some typical problems and solutions you can do before contacting a professional. Refer to your owner’s manual for specifics about your particular appliance when addressing any of these issues.

Problem: Dishes remain dirty or have spots after washing

Potential Causes:

– Overloading. When you put too many dishes on top of one another dishwasher repair los angeles, the water and detergent cannot clean properly. Check the owner’s manual for loading instructions and recommended capacity.

– Spray arm issues. A fallen utensil or small item can easily block the spray arm. If it doesn’t move, then it will not effectively spray the water throughout the appliance. Another problem is debris blocking the small holes in the arm. Remove the wire baskets and unscrew the spray arm. Remove any excess food or other debris, and put the arm back in place.

– Detergent choice. Different detergents will give different results. You may want to try another brand or form.

– Hard water. In hard water areas, a rinse agent can help prevent a film from forming on items. If your water is extremely hard, consider a water softening system.

– Water temperature. If the water temperature is not high enough, the drying time is less, therefore increasing the chance of spots. Check the manual for the recommended temperature. If it is hotter than you would like your sink water to be, you consider getting a different appliance.

Problem: A slow leak or large pool of water on the floor during or after operating

Potential Causes:

– Bad seal. If you are seeing drips directly under the door, you could have a bad seal, also known as a gasket. The seal is made of soft rubber or vinyl, which becomes dirty and less flexible over time. First, check for obvious damage and replace if necessary. If you don’t see any visible problems, clean it with a sponge and all-purpose cleaner.

– Float switch. The float and float switch keep the appliance from overfilling with water. The switch is usually located in the lower front of the tub, but check your manual if you have trouble finding it. A dirty float switch can become stuck so that the tub gets too full, causing a leak. Clean the float switch with a toothbrush and sponge, and check that it moves freely up and down.

– Detergent. Not only can the wrong detergent not clean your dishes properly, if you don’t use a product specifically for dishwashers, you can have problems with too much foam or suds that can spill out of the appliance.

If performing any of the simple checks above does not fix your problem, call a service professional to further diagnose your dishwasher repair needs.

Remember, performing routine maintenance reduces the need for dishwasher repair in general. Regularly clean the seal, remove waste and debris from the tub and around the spin arm, and use the right detergent. Doing so could save you time and money in the future.

How to Make Your Fridge More Energy Efficient

Refrigerators, though one of the most important appliances in your home, often use up a lot of electricity – and thus raise your monthly utility bill considerably. Even those with Energy Star labels can still consume a lot of resources, largely due to improper usage and poor maintenance. So it’s possible to lower your monthly energy bill without buying a whole new fridge. All you have to do is keep your refrigerator in good shape and use its features in the most efficient way.

Often the features that come built into your fridge use up a lot of energy refrigerator repair los angeles. For instance, built-in ice makers and water dispensers can increase your fridge’s energy consumption by up to 20%. If your fridge has a built-in water filtration system, this can use up even more electricity. And things like electronic temperature control, if used often enough, can add considerably to the cost of operating your fridge. In addition, the style of your fridge matters a lot when determining the cost of running it. Refrigerators with freezers on top operate much more efficiently than those with freezers on the bottom and french door-style refrigerators with the freezer next to the fridge.

Most fridges these days offer automatic defrosting, but if yours doesn’t, then defrosting regularly can not only lower the cost of energy, it can make your fridge run better and your food last longer. Also, minimizing the number of times you open and close the fridge doors, as well as the amount of time the doors spend open, will also help reduce energy consumption. To monitor how much electricity your fridge is using, you can use an electricity monitor that will display the wattage of your appliance, which you can then compare against the ideal amount to figure out how much more efficient your fridge should be.

Rising costs of electricity make it essential to maximize the efficiency of all your appliances, including refrigerators. Since fridges are so often major consumers of energy, performing simple maintenance like defrosting and coil cleaning, as well as simply changing how you use your fridge, can both ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to on keeping your kitchen running.

What Are Different Refrigerator Repair Equipments?

Refrigerator repair requires a few specialized equipments which together assist the technicians to carry out the repair work efficiently and legally. Every work of high volume demands tools of high quality and efficiency which further pays through durability. Every technician indulging in refrigerator repair needs to be equipped with adequate tools essential to carry out any kind of such repair.

Thermometer: thermometer is a vital trouble shooting equipment which can read -30 to 120 degree Fahrenheit in a couple of seconds thereby, confirming the temperature of evaporator coil, condensing unit and refrigerator cabinet. They are very cheap and cost around $6. They are easy to read because of presence of easy dial and pocket clip which is also convenient to read. Another instrument is multimeter which is used to measure voltage, current and resistance on electric components of the refrigerator. They are best when they are of light weight and compact in size refrigerator repair san gabriel.

Leak detector: There are various portable leak detection tools which possess feature of one hand function. They can detect HCFC, CFC and HFC. Try to get one which is capable of entering tight places. They cost around $175 each.

Unit to recover refrigerant captures CFC refrigerants to protect environment and to comply with laws. You should get one which can handle many refrigerants and is capable to recover liquid and vapor. It comprises of one good feature as safety which is shutoff valve. They are relatively costly.

Welding kit includes sweating and brazing pipes, soldering equipments with oxygen and tanks of acetylene in order to weld copper, aluminum, brass and steel encountered while refrigerator repair. Another tool is gauges which adds and removes refrigerant, verifies operation pressure and necessitates various other functions. Vacuum pump is also required to remove moisture from refrigeration unit. Non-specialized tools other than those stated above are also required like flashlight, cord, pliers and wrench. Thus, with these tools you can initiate refrigerator repair.


Know The Tips To Avoid Refrigerator Repairs

Refrigerators play an important role in our lives. Irrespective of the fact whether you are rich or poor, you have a refrigerator in your home. It makes life simple and easy. It keeps the temperature cool so that food can be preserved for a longer amount of time. It has a great role to play in our daily life and we all accept the same. In case the refrigerator is not cooling, then it is a real time problem. This will damage the food and spoil it as well. It is necessary to take care about the functionality of the refrigerator and one should not wait until there is a need of a refrigerator repair.

It is easy to maintain the refrigerator samsung refrigerator repair los angeles. It is necessary to clean the inside cabinets once in a month. This reduces the development of the odors. Wiping out the spills that happen in your refrigerator is also an essential job. You have the option to wash all the removable parts with water and detergent as well. Wiping the walls of the refrigerator is a good job, but care must be taken with the refrigerator gasket because if it goes out of order, then repairing is very much expensive.

It is necessary to clean the gasket gently. Harsh chemicals should not be used that affects the surface. The use of chemicals like bleach or ammonia must be avoided. It is also advised to stay away from the cleaners with lemon scent. These types of scents can get absorbed into the lining of the refrigerator and affect the food.

It is recommended to clean the defrost pan while cleaning the fridge. Defrost issues are very common and servicemen receive a lot of calls for this issue. That is why it is necessary to keep the pan clean to avoid the defrost issues of the refrigerator. Cleaning the condenser coil is also essential that keeps your refrigerator clean and safe.

Refrigerators are highly beneficial to us. They take care of us and preserve our food. They help to store the perishable foods as well as the leftovers. That is why monthly maintenance is essential to keep the refrigerator in working condition. Proper maintenance helps to keep the refrigerator in good condition that helps to remove the odor as well. The tips discussed here will keep the refrigerator in good working condition and help us to avoid the costly refrigerator repairs and replacement that happen from time to time.

How to Repair Common Problems of the Refrigerator

Refrigerators help civilized men in different ways. It helps to preserve the food for longer period, keeps the food, vegetables, and drinks fresh and hygienic, and provides lots of ice and the list of benefits will go on. However, one must also keep in mind that there are some common problems of refrigerators. In addition, these problems can be solved by following the proper guidelines.

One of the most common problems is that the freezer cannot able to chill the foodstuff region. Refrigerator repair will help to solve this problem very nicely and quickly refrigerator repair san marino. The user must check that the foods are arranged in proper place of the refrigerator. Each area has different temperature. So arrange the food in proper order. Do not forget to check the interior temperature of the refrigerator. The ideal temperature must be in between 36 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the users can adjust the temperature if it is near 35 by turning it properly.

Some refrigerators make some kind of strange noises and it is a common refrigerator problem. Proper refrigerator repair can mend this problem permanently. One can hear water sound from the back of the fridge and one must check the pan and if required then change the pan. One can also get the sound from the compressor but it is a normal matter. However, if the sound is fixed and if there is lack of coldness then one has to think it seriously. In that case, one has to change the compressor and it is quite expensive.

There are different reasons for which the refrigerator may not work. One must check the electric outlets, fuse and sockets if the refrigerator is not working properly. If the problem still exist then check out the internal parts of the refrigerators like compressor, thermostat, wiring and others. Call an expert mechanic to fix this refrigerator repair problem.

Why Won’t My Dryer Heat?

If your dryer will not heat then hopefully this article will help you. I will give you a few tips on how to fix it. Over the years I have learned these solutions as once I was asking myself “why won’t my dryer heat?” Then I started working with people that work on appliances and I learned a whole lot of tips and solutions for fixing appliances. It is a benefit to know all of these tips and how to’s because to have a repair man come out to fix your machine can be quite costly.

There could be a number of reasons why your dryer won’t heat lg dryer repair los angeles. But first, you have to find out if your dryer is electric or gas. With electric dryers, they run on a separate circuit breaker, so make sure that is on. Turn it off and then turn it back on and then go try your dryer to see if it will heat. Say your dryer still does not heat; then you will need a continuity tester. Usually all dryers have a thermal fuse in the exhaust path. According to what dryer you have depends if the fuse will be found towards the front or back. If you have a back panel on your dryer then most likely that is where it will be. They are just about 1″ in size and you will see where the spots are for continuity testing.

There will also likely be another thermal fuse that can cause your dryer to not heat and it is located outside the heater housing assembly. These also need to be tested with the continuity tester. So after you checked all of these options and you are still wondering “why my dryer won’t heat?” then the next most common problem can be the heating element. All electric dryer elements are made of metal coils on some form of a frame with two contact points which is where the wires plug into. If one of the coils is broken then it will not heat your dryer and you will need a new heat element.

For those of you that have a gas dryer- and are wondering “why won’t my dryer heat”? – well, gas dryers run on a burner system. There are a few parts that can fail and cause your dryer to not heat. But some you can replace by testing them and others you have to just decide to do it or not. With gas dryers not just a continuity tester is needed to test; you will need a good ohm meter. When your dryer starts hot but finishes cold then you could have some bad coils. They energize to keep the gas valves open. But the valves are one of the things that you are not able to test so you have to replace them. If your dryer never heats, then try the igniter first. Disconnect the clear plastic connector which has attached the igniter to the burner circuit. Disconnect and put your probes on the igniter side. After that the meter has to be under 100 ohms of resistance because anything higher means you need to replace the igniter. But if the igniter is good then the last thing to check is the flame sensor. If you don’t have continuity then it needs to be replaced; it’s that simple. One more thing: make sure you clean out your vent because if that is full of lint then that can cause your dryer to slow down on heating and also cause a fire.

Ok, well I hope the information I have provided has helped you. There is nothing else that I can let you know at this point. If your dryer does not work after trying all of these options then it’s time to call a repairman.

Should You Repair Your Appliance?

I want the public to know that the new machines out their are not lasting as long as machines that were built 10 to 20 years ago. It does not matter what brand it is: Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag you get the idea.

In my opinion the older machines were built like tanks! They have less electronics in them and in my opinion they were built with better parts. Before you buy a new machine keep in mind that almost anything you buy today will have a electronic control board in it and the more gadgets the refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher or oven has the more things that can go wrong with it. If your machine is in good condition and has been well maintained then you should think about repairing your appliance. The cost of the repair in most cases will be far less than a new machine. Also, most new machine’s will not last as long as your parents machine did! And I have just recently discovered that the Appliance manufacture’s have been cutting back on the warranty coverage of refrigerator’s seal systems, some of them use to be over 10 years and now are only one year…. whats that tell ya?

For those of you that I could not convince and your almost out the door to purchase a new appliance I have a couple of Tips for you.

First, do a litter home work, research the appliance your going to buy maytag dryer repair los angeles. Do a search online about the appliance you want to buy to see if customers are having a problem with it, and do not just look at review pages find some blogs, get the model number of the appliance your thinking of buying and do a help search on the internet. (Example: help (your model #) washer) and see what comes up on the internet. I personally looked up a LG dishwasher that had 3000 complaints on it. Of course you can not rule out something just because it has a couple of complaints.

Second, when your at the check out ready to pay for your new machine, they are going to want you to purchase a extended warranty on the appliance. If you do not have a home warranty that covers your appliance’s and your spending a lot of money on the machine you should get the warranty. As I said, the new machines can have more than one control board and lighting and power serges can cause problems with these newer machines, and the makers of appliances are not putting serge protectors on them witch is something else you might what to buy for it also.

Third, on the positive side. I can say that I am happy with front load washers, they do save a lot of water, when a front load washer fills it only uses a few gallons of water compared to 10 gallons or more on a top load washer every time it fills. This could save you hundreds of gallons of water a year. The customers I have talked with say it washes very well. On the negative side, the cost of repair could be on the high side, so don’t forget about that extended warranty.