How to Make Your Fridge More Energy Efficient

Refrigerators, though one of the most important appliances in your home, often use up a lot of electricity – and thus raise your monthly utility bill considerably. Even those with Energy Star labels can still consume a lot of resources, largely due to improper usage and poor maintenance. So it’s possible to lower your monthly energy bill without buying a whole new fridge. All you have to do is keep your refrigerator in good shape and use its features in the most efficient way.

Often the features that come built into your fridge use up a lot of energy refrigerator repair los angeles. For instance, built-in ice makers and water dispensers can increase your fridge’s energy consumption by up to 20%. If your fridge has a built-in water filtration system, this can use up even more electricity. And things like electronic temperature control, if used often enough, can add considerably to the cost of operating your fridge. In addition, the style of your fridge matters a lot when determining the cost of running it. Refrigerators with freezers on top operate much more efficiently than those with freezers on the bottom and french door-style refrigerators with the freezer next to the fridge.

Most fridges these days offer automatic defrosting, but if yours doesn’t, then defrosting regularly can not only lower the cost of energy, it can make your fridge run better and your food last longer. Also, minimizing the number of times you open and close the fridge doors, as well as the amount of time the doors spend open, will also help reduce energy consumption. To monitor how much electricity your fridge is using, you can use an electricity monitor that will display the wattage of your appliance, which you can then compare against the ideal amount to figure out how much more efficient your fridge should be.

Rising costs of electricity make it essential to maximize the efficiency of all your appliances, including refrigerators. Since fridges are so often major consumers of energy, performing simple maintenance like defrosting and coil cleaning, as well as simply changing how you use your fridge, can both ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to on keeping your kitchen running.

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